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Happy 15

HAPPY 15!-3


Lacomma (=my company) celebrates its 15th birthday this summer and … I’m feeling generous!

For the next 15 days (until midnight CET, August 25) you can win:

  • 12 x 1 ‘Pick-My-Brain’ session: after an intake we talk for 75 minutes (=Skype) and try to find a solution for one of your stress management and/or communication related problems. (More info here)
  • 3 x 1 VIP Day: 1 whole day, dedicating ourselves to an issue you are facing when it comes to stress management and/or communication related problems. Again we start with an intake and afterwards there is a final coaching session. The online version is open to everybody. The ‘live’ version can only take place in Belgium…

How can you win?

  1. Make sure you are registered by signing up in the blue bar (=newsletter) or pink box (=Defeat your stress in 10 days).
  2. Share this message as much as possible, using the hashtag #Happy15
  • Via facebook: I will have put this on my professional page, you can share if from there (and while you are there, please like the page!). You can also share this link, should you find this easer. Make sure to tag me (or the page) so I can keep track.
  • Via Instagram: You can share from my account (@nancybatens) and I’ll have the link to this page in my bio (make sure to mention that and to tag me).
  • Via Twitter: you can share the link and/or find the post I’ll put there and again… tag me @NancyBatens
  • Via mail: send this link to people you believe might be interested in winning on of the sessions and put me in copy (

Each time you share, you’re name goes in the big bowl. And in 15 days… 15 names will be picked out!
(If you are only interested in 1 of the two (Pick-My-Brain or VIP Day), make sure to mention this when you share. If not, you’ll be eligible for both!)

You can enter for yourself or for somebody else. It doesn’t matter… The more you share, the more chances you have to win!

What if you don’t win but you are interested?

During these same 15 days, all products can be bought at a 15% discount (by using the coupon code HAPPY15):

So if you want to make sure we work together, buy one of the sessions now. To make sure to get the discount, use the following coupon code: HAPPY15

And what if you do buy one and then win? You can use both, give one to somebody else or…, I will be reimburse you*.

So… everything to win and nothing to lose!

Start spreading the news!

Looking forward to working together!

*For technical reasons I can only reimburse the exact full amounts: this means if you’ve bought a VIP Day and win one, I can reimburse you. If you’ve bought a VIP Day and win a ‘Pick-My-Brain’, I cannot reimburse the amount for the ‘Pick-My-Brain’.