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In my 18 years of experience as a trainer and coach in communication and stressmanagement, people often told me it would be nice if they could ‘pick my brain’ on one of these topics. Sometimes you are struggling with a situation for which you would love to have some expert advice.  Here is the good news: now you can!

Before you could prick my brain on a lot of topics, but now they are all stress-management and resilience related.
Stress management: a certain situation you are dealing with right now…
Resilience: you did the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment and have a very specific problem you want to work on…
Communication: giving feedback, being more assertive in a specific situation…
– Some beliefs that are bothering you and keeping you from what you want to achieve… You are possibly struggling with some ‘drivers’?

How does it work? There are 3 steps:

  1. You fill in a preliminary document. This helps you to structure your thoughts and be clear on your outcome. It also helps me to prepare myself. And it enables us both to make the session as efficient as possible.
  2. During our online session of 60 minutes, we focus on the issue at hand. I might provide you with some useful technique, we look for practical solutions, we might ‘role play’ certain situations. I give you detailed feedback. I share with you everything I’ve learned over the years. I invite you to ‘pick-my-brain’.
  3. After the session, you can still mail me for a last question/feedback.

This is NOT a standard coaching session. You will get tailored input on your specific problem and because of the preliminary document we can make the most of our time together.
It is important you pick a topic that can be dealt with in 60 minutes. If after the intake I believe this is not the case, I will let you know and we can adjust accordingly.

Don’t keep on struggling and act now! And remember: you always have a choice!

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