Accompanying videos to coaching


If you are here, it means we are working together in a coaching programme and I am giving you access to these videos as theoretical background, so that during our sessions we can focus on you!

These videos were created in the period of September-December 2018. They are in a chronological order.

Please do not share this link with anybody else.Should you know of somebody else who might be interesting to work with me, please refer them to this page (which will be updated shortly).

1. The stress mechanism

In this video we talk about: the fight-flight mode, positive stress is also stress, compensatory stress

2. Stress management: the basics

When it comes to stress management, I use a very simple model: you need to work on your stressors, on your buffer and/or on your perception…
Simple model does not mean easy to to apply… ;-D
Find out the basics here. In future episodes I will go further into detail.

3. Stress management: working on your stressors (2 parts – there was a problem with the recording)

(For a technical reason this live broadcast was saved in 2 parts, sorry)
It’s getting very practical: whenever something stresses you, make sure to check whether it’s under your control or not and then take appropriate action.

4. Stress management: working on your buffer – relaxation

Relaxation exercises can be very important to help you activate your parasympathetic.

5. The logical levels

I already told you that stress doesn’t necessarily come from what happens to you but from how you look at what happens to you: your perception! And that perception is determined by your beliefs. The following theory was an eye-opener for me, this is where I heard about beliefs for the first time. And I still use it on a daily basis!
A bit longer than usual, but I believe it is worth it!

6. Cognitive restructuring

Another episode in the series. How can I change my ‘perception’? Doing ‘cognitive restructuring’ is one way of ding this!
Good luck with it!!

7. The power of perception

“Don’t believe everything you think!” – Everybody has made this mistake, right?!
Hopeful my tips will help you… good luck!

8. Improve your resilience by eating well

Do you want to know what to eat to improve your resilience? Listen to the tips I’m sharing here!

9. Resilience and needs

Often we do not pay enough attention to our needs and then we cross our limits… Or … we believe somebody else is responsible for satisfying our needs but… if s/he doesn’t agree… we could be in trouble… In this video I explain what YOU can do to maintain your resilience because … #youalwayshaveachoice #YAHAC

10.Resilience and sports

Do you move enough? Do you move to intensely and/or at the wrong moment? Let’s find out in the video!

11. Resilience and drivers

In transactional analysis, they talk about ‘drivers’: there are 5 of them, 5 basic beliefs that drive you in everything you do. Even though you haven’t heard of this, you probably know some of them: ‘Please others’, ‘Be perfect’, etc…

As such, there is nothing wrong with them, if you use them ‘wisely’. But if you don’t, they can become stressors… Do you want to know more about them? Check out the video!

12. Resilience and dealing with change

Dealing with change can be stressful But we live in an every changing environment … Therefore, being able to deal with change as smoothly as possible is going to make you more resilient. In this video I’ll give you some tips on how to do so.

13. Resilience and values

Did you know that living according to your values can increase your resilience? Watch the video to find out how!
More info at

14. Stress and resilience: Q&A

15. Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment