Boost your resilience!

Boost your resilience!
Staying Balanced in the New Normal


In this online course, we start by having a closer look at your current ‘overwhelming’ and stressful situation and decide what you want to go for instead. We discover habits to increase your physical resilience.
We have a closer look at your beliefs to make sure you are not creating your own stress, nor sabotaging your emotional balance.
We check if you are truly living according to your values, further strengthen your buffer and see if you are on track with your balance goal.
Finally, we look at tools and practices that help you to keep the balance even during challenging times.


The course is ideal for driven professionals (managers, trainers, coaches, consultants, …), who love their work so sometimes overdo it a bit. They are currently feeling tired and overwhelmed and would like to boost their resilience so that they can deal with the new normal in a balanced and sustainable way.

As from September 1, 2022, the course is self-study only. If you want, you can add individual or small group coaching (which is NOT included in the price).


Following this training is the best you can do because Nancy is very experienced in the domain, she walks her talk, her way of presenting is very structured, clear and hands on. And she has a great sense of humor 🙂
Thea Bombeek – Coach, supervisor, trainer and author –

I liked the fact that it was online, giving participants the flexibility to follow it at their own pace. It was well organized (video + assignments) and it was very valuable to have the chance of asking questions. Also, assignments were quite practical, and this helped to focus on personal objectives.
Mary – Freelance interpreter

Anyone who wants to quickly gain a good insight into how to boost their resilience will learn a lot in this course. The tips on perception and cognitive restructuring are particularly useful. Nancy’s personal and committed approach through a medium such as Facebook is also fun to experience.
However, what you get out of the course will depend on how much you invest in doing the assignments. You can only change by doing things differently, that is your responsibility.
Those who are unable to do this on their own, can contact Nancy for individual coaching afterwards.
Valerie Blatter

This course was so well done. With research, stories and tools to boost your resilience, manage stress and more, it was really helpful. Nancy is a wonderful trainer with many insights and high level of knowledge.
Dr. Helen Maffini – Director MindBe Education –

The length is very good, the fact that there is no time constraints as strict as class trainings, the familiarity of the platform, the fact that the trainer has the time to answer every single question, and the fact that the trainer is very knowledgeable and explains things as for “dummies” with very clear examples, the applicability both in private and professional life of the things I learned, the great impact on my internal peace… There are sooo many things! Thank you Nancy!
Lavinia-Oana Burducea

Very interesting and flexible course with a great experienced trainer. The course gives practical advice on how to recognize stress and how to boost your resilience for better dealing with it. For myself the course actually put a structure into thoughts and attitudes that I already had when faced with stress but which i was not applying in a consistent manner and therefore i was not seeing results. With the knowledge and the awareness i have now, i feel i am better equipped to deal with stress.
Dana Mohamed

For me, the course was very useful with tons of very interesting information. I was really looking forward to every new module with a new video. Nancy’s presentations were very nice (also the graphics) and motivational. I truly recommend this course. Thank you, Nancy.
Denisa Jaukerová

I would definitely recommend this course to anybody. You do need to take the necessary time to make the most of it. You can do the assignments on your on and/or go back to them after the Q&A session. The enthusiasm and warmth of the coach are heart-warming and sincere. The videos are well structured and clear.
Femke Kerckhofs – Assistant Physician Urology

The course is at the same time, an introduction to a complicated topic, as well as a “cook book”, how to apply the complicated topics in practice. While you can not expect to become completely resilient at the end of the course, you get a recipe how to boost your resilience and in which directions to work further. You also get tips what to do in particular situations. There are a lot of things that will stay with me in the everyday life, such as 4*4 breathing for someone who’s not in love with mediation, cognitive restructuring, dealing with overwhelm through a simple matrix, etc. The course has an individual approach; the trainer helps everyone with their specific issues. A very compact schedule helps you to work when you can, but thinking about the topic gets grounded in your everyday thinking. To recommend. #YAHAC 🙂
Neja, Head of Unit – European Commission

A very interesting and above all useful course on how to deal with your emotional (over)reaction to stress, and on how to re-think your thoughts about what’s happening to you. Nancy can guide you through your reactions and thoughts, so as to help you re-writing your own story.
Giorgia Imbriani

This course will help you to boost your resilience – to take care of your body, your soul and your spirit.
Ivana Štefková

Building resilience comes from integrating all its aspects – mental, emotional, physical. This very practical course guides us through what hides behind the stress in all its forms, to go to the root causes and work up from there. It’s mind blowing and provides very useful insights, and very practical tools and techniques to achieve a more balanced life and better resilience.
Alexandra N. –  Coach

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