You can still buy the courses but… they are back at their old price…


In the spirit of #HAPPY2020 and the sales, I have two things to offer to you!

1. Say the Right Thing, at the Right Time, in the Right Way!

In February there will be a live version of the online assertiveness course: ‘Say the Right Thing, at the Right Time, in the Right Way!’ (There will only be 2 live rounds this year.)

What does that mean, a live round? The course is online. This means that you study on your own, wherever and whenever you want. But there is a Facebook group to support you. Outside of the live round (=10 months of the year), I do a monthly Q&A session in that group. During the live round, however, I do a weekly session AND I jump in every day.

If you always wanted to do this, I’d say now is the time because… for the next two weeks, I’m offering the course at half of the price!

Buy the course between now and Friday, January 28, 10 PM (CET) and… you pay 97 EUR instead of 197 EUR!

For this price you get:

  • 4 modules with a lot of material: I will be giving you all the theory and models you need to communicate assertively.
  • Weekly Q&A sessions in a private Facebook group during the month of February.

If you want to put the theory into practice, as from March I will also offer group sessions (NOT included in the price), where you can try out your difficult conversations in a safe environment.

This really is a no-brainer! Sign up now This is absolutely the last time the course will be at this price!

If you are not really interested in a full course, I also have something else for you…

2. The recording of the masterclass: Say NO without the guilt, to say YES to what you really want!

For many people, assertiveness is all about saying no. For me it’s a bit more than that but… if that’s where you want to start: that’s absolutely fine by me!

A couple of years ago I did a masterclass on the topic.

Buy the course between now and Friday, January 28, 10 PM (CET) and… you pay  9,99 EUR instead of 15 EUR! Sign up now.

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Hope to see you soon!

(At the moment this offer does not exist in Dutch. However, because most Dutch speaking people also speak English, I don’t think it’s a problem to do the course in English. From my side, I’m willing to create also a Dutch speaking FB group (as from 10 participants).)