Outsmart burnout


You are a professional, passionate about your job.

You may be an entrepreneur or work in a demanding environment… chances are you are working hard and part of you doesn’t mind, because you love what you do. However, the other part of you does find it important to have a healthy work-life balance.

Therefore you want to invest in yourself and your resilience. Because only by taking good care of yourself, you can keep on being your best self and enjoy spending time with the ones you love.

3-month programme:

  • Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment
  • 6 online sessions of 60′
  • Free access to video library for 6 months


Session 0 (before the actual programme starts)

Session 1

  • We discuss the results of the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment and of the questionnaires you filled in
  • We define some 2 to 3 immediate action points and … determine the objectives of the whole programme, based upon your needs.

Session 2 to session 6

  • Depending on the needs that were identified in session 1, one or more of the topics below will be covered in each session. We always decide together which one needs to come next.
  • Should any of the topics not have been treated during the programme, you can always watch the relevant videos in the library.


  • Stress management and resilience: theoretical background
  • Mental resilience
  • Emotional resilience
  • Spiritual resilience
  • Physical resilience
  • Any other business: other tools that could be useful when wanting to increase my resilience

It is very important for me to make sure that everything we discuss can be implemented into your life, which does not mean you don’t have to implement some changes… These changes, however, will be implemented gradually and with my help. I’ve got your back!


There is a library with videos and recordings on topics related to resilience, stress management and everything that is linked to that.
You will have free access to this library for 6 months.

Ready to go for it? Remember: you always have a choice! #YAHAC!

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