The Truth about Mindfulness

Mindfulness has been around for a while but it’s only the last couple of years that it seems to be everywhere: on tv, in magazines, in dozens of books…

Some people seem to think it’s the cure to everything. Others are convinced it’s not for them, they don’t believe in that ‘hocus pocus’.

In ‘The Truth about Mindfulness’ I try to give an answer to some of your questions.

It is NOT for you if you are looking for:

  • a shortcut for the 8 week programme
  • the solution to all of your problems
  • a theoretical in-depth discussion

It is for you if you are looking for:

  • a clear explanation
  • practical tips and tricks
  • some short meditations

What do we discuss?

  • A definition of mindfulness
  • The origin and some history
  • The two main basic programmes (MBCT + MBSR)
  • Some basic concepts
  • The practical use (especially linked to stress management and assertiveness)
  • Some tips to get started right away (both through formal and informal practice)

What do you get?

  • A 50’ talk, divided in three shorter videos for easy access
  • 2 exercises during the talk
  • a number of short meditations to try it out for yourself

Do you also want to know the truth about mindfulness?

Due to Covid 19 – free until …

Yes, please!