The summer of self-care

I think many of us have had some tough moments in the past 1,5 year…

The pandemic and its consequences hit hard: uncertainty, losses in the family, financial insecurity, social isolation, endless days in front of the computer… You tell me…

In my training courses I see more and more people with (almost) empty batteries, who can’t wait for some holidays, in the hope they will be able to recharge them.

Also in coaching there are more people having or facing burnout.

People have been waiting for the summer, for some holidays, to take a break, to take some care of themselves.

And then, there were the floods. Here in Belgium, but also in the Netherlands, Germany and Luxemburg. And now even in Japan.

I have not been impacted, but I was very touched by those who were.

I cannot even begin to imagine how it must be for them: losing loved ones, losing all your belongings, your memories, your ‘safe home’…

I did make a financial contribution but I want to do more. So I thought about where my added value could be, what do I do best? And I had an idea.

After’ this pandemic people need self-care and I can teach them how to take better care of themselves. So why don’t I do just that?

Even though I had decided NOT to organise any training in August, I now will.

I’ve decided to contribute to the summer of self-care. How?

By offering my 2 online course (and throw in a bonus), offer 6 Q&A sessions and … if you buy one (or both of them) by July 31 (midnight, CET), I promise to donate 50% of the proceeds to the Belgian Red Cross.

(You will still be able to buy the courses during the month of August – I will then donate 20% of the proceeds.)

Would you like to hear more?

4 modules: 30′ of theory (per module) + exercises.
At the moment the online version is ‘self-study’ but… just for the summer, I add 6 weekly Q&A sessions…

Buy before July 31 (midnight, CET) and I even throw in the webinar on Saying No for free

Assertiveness course equivalent to 2 day ‘live’ training course.

4 modules: almost 3 hours of videos + exercises.
Also here, just for the summer, I add 6 weekly Q&A sessions…

Buy before July 31 (midnight, CET) and I give you the introduction to ‘Boost your resilience’ for free

Having no boundaries gives you stress. Stress makes you ill. Managing your stress helps you NOT to get ill.
By taking care of your stress, boosting your resilience and becoming more assertive, you take care of yourself!

‘I don’t want to do this now, I want to do nothing and enjoy my holidays!‘ If this is you, I get it, please ignore this and … do have a lovely summer… (and maybe you have a friend who might be interested…)

But maybe you think this is exactly the right time to boost your resilience and/or work on your assertiveness…
(Or maybe you want to buy them now and look at them as from September… you will still have access to the recordings of the Q&As…)

In that case: I’m here to help you!

And by investing in yourself, you help me invest in the Red Cross…

So what do you say? Are you with me?

Let’s do this!

And … remember, whatever you do: take care of yourself this summer! Make it a summer of self-care!

#youalwayshaveachoice #YAHAC

PS: Are we already in August when you read this? You can still buy the courses and I will still donate to the Red Cross (20%) – there will be no Q&A session in the week of August 9.