I’m taking the summer off…


In Belgium, the ‘summer holidays’ have officially started.

One could say that this is also the start of my ‘slow season’: companies tend to organise less training because their staff leave on holidays. So: perfect time for a break.

However, somewhere along the line it became the time where I would work on my own business: create products, organise challenges, attend courses myself…  So… basically: I would not stop but just go on.  There might be a short holiday (only a short one, because there is all this work to be done) … But no real break.

This year I would like to do something else. I want to take a summer sabbatical.

Recently I’ve noticed some pressure, some resistance, quite a lot of ‘I should…’, ‘I have to…’, …  And I don’t like it.
If you have been following me for a while, you know I belief ‘you always have a choice’ (hence the hashtag ‘YAHAC’).
However, to make a choice, you need to have options. You need to know what you really really want. And that’s exactly where I am not a 100% sure of at the moment.So… I’ve decided I don’t have to make a choice yet (which is also making a choice…)

And I’m going to give myself a real break.
I want things to be fun again. I want to get my ‘mojo’ back.

And how am I going to do that?

  • This summer is about me and not about my business. By taking care of myself first, I can be there more for my business. (By the way: the universe is challenging me: many of my colleagues have free (!) summer schools starting as of today and many of them look very interesting. But… I’m resisting the FOMO (=fear of missing out), this summer is about ME!)
  • Less doing, more being. Not too many plans. Checking in with myself on a regular basis to find out what would be the right thing to do…
  • ‘Fun’ is going to be a focus. Often ‘fun’ is scheduled in, whenever there is a slot left. No: now the fun thing is an intention and we’ll see about the rest…
  • For the record: this ‘fun’ does not necessarily mean planning a lot of activities. I started this weekend: some quality time with nieces and nephew on Saturday and … some sunbathing yesterday (I don’t always ‘allow’ myself to do that – there is always something else to do…). As long as the ‘activity’ charges my batteries, that’s ok!

I truly believe that by doing the above, I will be feeding my soul.
I will gain clarity on what I really really want… and I will be able to make the right choice(s).

What do you think? Are you up for this?

Don’t worry: you don’t necessarily have to drastically change your life.
We all have 24 hours in a day, we can all make choices on how we spend (at least some of) that time…
I will not be ‘on holiday’ for 2 full months either, but… I will simplify as much as I can to ‘feel’ on holiday as much as possible.

Each Monday I will post my ‘intention of the week’ on social media. And I will let you know how it goes. Feel free to join me: a little accountability usually doesn’t hurt…

Have a great summer!

PS: For those who are getting a bit worried: I’m not depressed or anything. ;-D  I’m fine! I just believe I could be even better!

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2 thoughts on “I’m taking the summer off…”

  1. So agree with this! I know I have kept going to and not really had more than a few days without something on my plate. I’m having a two week tech free holiday later in the summer and looking forward to being completely focussed on holiday mode! Enjoy your summer!

  2. That is fantastic news! I ALWAYS take the summer off to take stock, recharge, spend time with the kids and my husband and feed my soul. Sounds like the RIGHT CHOICE to me. Enjoy! And if you feel like it – only if you do – we will be in Belgium from 22nd of July.

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