Make sure to recharge YOUR batteries too!




July has started, it’s been very hot in Belgium: the holidays are in the air!
For many people this is the time to recharge their batteries…
And while we all know very well how to recharge our phones, tablets and computers… do we really know how to recharge our own batteries?

For many people it is sleeping more. And while taking enough rest is definitely extremely useful, I believe there is more that we can do. Let me give you some tips!

1) What did you like to do as a child?

Children naturally do what they like to do… When I was I child I liked to go for long walks. Every day (especially during the holidays, not necessary on school days…) I went for a 5 km walk. I always took the same route: the first km there were houses but then there was just nature for another 3,5 km and towards the end I was in the village again. I loved it! Enjoying the green, being alone with my thoughts… When my friend wanted to come, she was ‘tolerated’ but I didn’t really need the company…

Another thing I loved was reading… I lived in a small village and the library was only open on Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes I went on Saturday to borrow 3 books, which I finished the same day to go back on Sunday for 3 new ones. During the week I had to read slower… to make it until the next Saturday… Well, every year I still take some days off to go somewhere on my own, usually near the seaside, and my days are mostly filled with walking and reading…

2) Are you taking enough time for yourself?

We often are busy in our other roles: parent, partner, employee, friend… And when the 24 hours of the day have been distributed, we notice there is not a lot left for the most important person: me! Does that sound selfish to you? I am not saying you should ONLY think of yourself… However, you should ALSO take care of yourself… Think of the metaphor of the oxygen mask in the plane: why would they ask parents to put on their own mask before taking care of their children? Well, if you are not taking care of yourself, you can’t be there for the others… In that sense, you have to come first… So… let’s make ‘self care’ important in July and August. I know it’s easier when you are on holidays (Is it really? Or are you, even when you are away, still trying to please everybody else first?) but even when you are working during the summer, try and insert a little bit of ‘self care’ every day. Maybe it is reading 1 page in a book you like, have bit of time for yourself after lunch or in the evening, have a foot bath… Because you are worth it!

I will be sharing my ‘self care’ on the Facebook page and Instagram! If you need a bit of accountability, why don’t you join me?

3) And finally: do it mindfully!

Recharge your batteries not because you have to but because you want to and… don’t do anything else while you do it… I know it’s tempting… We are so used to multitasking… While you are having that foot bath: don’t plan your whole week ahead… Enjoy the foot bath, notice how it makes you feel… When you are eating something special: enjoy it, notice the texture, the smell, …

Personally I will especially pay attention to mindful eating this summer… Too often I eat to quickly…

Let’s recharge those batteries, ok?

Hope to see many photos on self care on the Facebook page and/or Instragram. Make sure to use the hashtag ‘self care’ and to tag me!

Enjoy the holidays,


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