What do you really really want?

What do you really really want? Do you know? Do you really?

Sometimes we are a bit confused. We started in a certain direction (by choice or… by coincidence) and then we just moved on. Upwards and onwards, without ever questioning the initial direction.

We start a job to find ourselves in another one 15 years later, and it kind of went … automatically… The jobs just presented themselves and therefore we felt we had to move on.

Sometimes what we ‘think’ we really really want is what ‘society’ thinks we ‘should’ really really want. Because it’s the ‘right thing’ to want for a woman at the age of…

Maybe you feel guilty for working (and loving your job) while you think you should spend more time with your children and ideally, not work at all.

Sometimes we know what we don’t want… But we still don’t take the time to figure out what we do want? It’s a bit like: I don’t like black. Does that automatically mean I like white? No! There are lot of other colours to choose from…

What am I saying? That you’re doing it all wrong? No! I am just challenging you to every once in a while take some time to ask yourself “What do you really really want?” And to listen to the voice that comes from within… Don’t listen to the voices in your head, chances are they are not yours…

Let’s hear it from you: do YOU know what you really really want?

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