Don’t should on me!

I’ve been working hard lately. Maybe a little too hard. Normally it’s quite calm during the summer months, but not this year… There were trainings until mid July and in 3 weeks I’m starting again…

This could be the reason why I’m getting more sensitive to the ‘pressure’ other people are putting on me. ‘You should do this…’, ‘you should do that…’, ‘You should use the summer to xyz…’
I notice the resistance and all I want to do is shout ‘Don’t should on me’!
Why don’t they mind their own business?

But if I’m very honest, maybe I ‘should on myself’ as well… And because I ‘imposed’ too much on myself… And because there was no time for myself before, everything had to wait for the holiday that didn’t come… So now it’s finally there, everything doesn’t fit and… I spread myself too thin…  And that’s why I’m now annoyed when other people also want a piece of me and my time.
While I’m the one who spread myself to thin…

If I had more often told myself ‘Don’t should on me’, I’d probably be less annoyed by the others when they tell me what to do. I would be able to listen and think: “They would like me to do something” … PUNTO! (Remember?)

Maybe there is only one thing I ‘SHOULD’ do… no, WANT to do… And that is: take good care of myself!

What do you think? Can you relate?

It’s about time to go away for a week. A week with no ‘SHOULD’s: just enjoying myself, relaxing and doing whatever my heart desires…