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To run or not to run… that’s the question

  During my courses on stress management and resilience, people often tell me that they like to go for a run at night to get rid of their stress. Unfortunately, this is not always a good idea. At least not for everybody… I’ll explain you why*. It all depends on the state of your batteries…… Continue Reading

Lessons from Linda

(Photo by Raphael Ferraz on Unsplash)   A couple of weeks ago I was taking the train to Breda to spend some time with a friend. I was changing trains in Antwerp-Berchem and had some time to spare. I decided to go and buy something to eat. On my way back to the platforms, there was a lady… Continue Reading

Don’t should on me!

I’ve been working hard lately. Maybe a little too hard. Normally it’s quite calm during the summer months, but not this year… There were trainings until mid July and in 3 weeks I’m starting again… This could be the reason why I’m getting more sensitive to the ‘pressure’ other people are putting on me. ‘You… Continue Reading