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Don’t be a guru, be a contributor instead

Last year an ‘expert’ asked me: “What makes you think you can do what you do?”. She probably didn’t mean no harm, but … the effect on me was bigger than I would have thought. Bigger than I would have liked, to be honest… I started to doubt myself. Of course, I know what I’m… Continue Reading

I’m taking the summer off…

  In Belgium, the ‘summer holidays’ have officially started. One could say that this is also the start of my ‘slow season’: companies tend to organise less training because their staff leave on holidays. So: perfect time for a break. However, somewhere along the line it became the time where I would work on my… Continue Reading

How resilient are you really? Now you can measure it!

  More and more people are dealing with burn-out. I think almost everybody knows somebody who had to deal with it, be it a colleague, a friend or a family member. People are stressed, don’t stop and… get into trouble. Resilience is supposed to be the answer. But what does resilience mean? A common definition is:… Continue Reading