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Lessons from Lockdown #3

(If you are reading this on my website, you have NOT missed #2 – that one had been published here last year under the name of Punto!) My third and last (for now) tip is … mindfulness. Maybe you are a fan already. Maybe you think it’s too esoteric for you… Newsflash: you don’t have… Continue Reading

Lessons from Lockdown #1

My last ‘live’ training was on March 10. That is exactly 117 days ago (I did count). I think that’s long enough to come up with some evaluation of what worked well to deal with the stress and overwhelm of this situation. Has it been a challenge? YES! I am not going to lie. Did… Continue Reading

Stress management in times of a CRISIS

(view from my living room – thought it was fitting, given the circumstances…)   Most of you will know I’m a trainer specialised in (amongst others) stress management, resilience and burnout prevention. I have a lot of tools and I try and walk my talk but… the current crisis has taught me that, in times… Continue Reading