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Satisfying your needs

Remember how I believe ‘You always have a choice’? #YAHAC In my stress management and resilience courses I discuss the link between stress/resilience and satisfying your needs… If you haven’t had  the honour (;-D) of attending one of those, please find below a FB live in which I explain this topic. And please find below… Continue Reading

How do you go to your ‘green zone’?

  In the previous article I already told you that you sometimes think that you are ‘resting’ and ‘recuperating’ but that in reality you are not… you are still in your ‘red’ zone… How do you go to your ‘green’ zone? By artificially activating your parasympathetic or… in order words: by doing relaxation exercises. There… Continue Reading

You work hard, but do you also ‘rest hard’?

  If you call yourself a passionate professional, be it an entrepreneur or a employee, you probably like to work hard. It’s what you do and… what you are proud of. You’re very busy, working long days and then there’s your ‘time off’, which you also like to use as efficiently as possible. Maybe you… Continue Reading