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A month of self care

  Last Friday it was announced that as from Sunday midnight, Belgium would go into lockdown 2. I think we can all agree that: The past 7 months have not been easy for many of us (and very hard for some) This lockdown is expected to be ‘harder’ because of the fact that the days… Continue Reading

I need affection

  The ‘Boost your resilience’ beta-course is over and I’m happy to say it was a success. During one of the modules, we discuss that sometimes stress comes from your needs not being met. And then it’s up to you to first find out which need this is and secondly, to come up with several… Continue Reading

How to manage stress coming from people close to you?

    This is a question that came from one of the participants from the ‘Boost your resilience!’ course. And I’ve heard it many times before. Sometimes we think that we are quite good at stress management. It’s the others who need some (our?) help. As I said before (and I will say it again…):… Continue Reading