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How resilient are you really? Now you can measure it!

  More and more people are dealing with burn-out. I think almost everybody knows somebody who had to deal with it, be it a colleague, a friend or a family member. People are stressed, don’t stop and… get into trouble. Resilience is supposed to be the answer. But what does resilience mean? A common definition is:… Continue Reading

What’s driving you? And what’s driving me?

  Last week’s FB live was about the ‘drivers’. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can do so here and here (for now). In that video I had promised to send more information to the people currently on my list and then I didn’t… Could I possibly blame my drivers (on top of a… Continue Reading

Satisfying your needs

Remember how I believe ‘You always have a choice’? #YAHAC In my stress management and resilience courses I discuss the link between stress/resilience and satisfying your needs… If you haven’t had  the honour (;-D) of attending one of those, please find below a FB live in which I explain this topic. And please find below… Continue Reading