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Mindfulness / Meditation / Relaxation

  I’ve noticed that there is often a lot of confusion when it comes to the concepts of meditation, mindfulness and relaxation. Often, they are being used interchangeably, whereas, in my eyes, there is clear difference. Let me start with mindfulness. What is it? Jon Kabat-Zinn, the one who developed the 8-week program, defined it… Continue Reading

Lessons from Lockdown #3

(If you are reading this on my website, you have NOT missed #2 – that one had been published here last year under the name of Punto!) My third and last (for now) tip is … mindfulness. Maybe you are a fan already. Maybe you think it’s too esoteric for you… Newsflash: you don’t have… Continue Reading

Lessons from Lockdown #1

My last ‘live’ training was on March 10. That is exactly 117 days ago (I did count). I think that’s long enough to come up with some evaluation of what worked well to deal with the stress and overwhelm of this situation. Has it been a challenge? YES! I am not going to lie. Did… Continue Reading